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Elite Super Duty Axle Conversion Kit

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TC Off-Road Coil Buckets include a 2 ½” offset that compensates for the narrower frames of the earlier model Broncos and F-150s. This offset places the springs in the correct location for the SD Super 60 axles. Locating the springs in the correct position maintains the proper geometry of the modern suspension and steering. TC Off-Road buckets come with the correct holes to mount factory-style shocks and are pre-drilled to utilize the existing mounting holes in the frame rails. Our buckets use all grade 8 mounting hardware to withstand the stress and tension from the load placed on these suspension systems.


TC Off-Road Trackbar Bracket uses a 0-3” drop to accommodate the SD coil springs. This drop allows for the stock trackbar or an aftermarket adjustable trackbar for instances where a leveling kit has been installed.

*Due to different engine weight combinations, an adjustable trackbar is recommended to center the axle correctly under the frame.


TC Off-Road Radius Arm Brackets are designed to be used with the TC Off-Road Radius Arms. Our brackets come with pre-drilled holes for mounting to your frame. Installation instructions provide measurements and locations of holes to be drilled in your frame. Our radius arm brackets come with the necessary Grade 8 hardware to bolt these brackets to your frame.


TC Off-Road Super Duty Radius Arms are designed and built out of 2”x ¼” wall DOM for maximum strength. Our radius arms utilize a 2 ½” Rock Jock Johnny Joint coupled with the addition of a 7/8” Heim joint allows for a complete front alignment that will correct the caster issue created with the typical axle swap. 


Our kits are manufactured onsite at our New Braunfels facility. We only use locally sourced and American-made materials.